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Majority Messaging is a campaign-centered company designed to enable Democrats to meet and exceed their online fundraising goals.  Our carefully-curated, responsive inventory will help you mobilize and generate contributions from the nation’s Democratic majority.


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Market-based prices less than half of our major competitors

Well-qualified names of 100% known Democratic donors

We replace post-validation or post-suppression names that are not NTL

If a mailing goes wrong (no donors) we will replace the names for a second attempt

You may purchase from just the top third of our inventory, those with multiple sources of confirmation of their past contributions.

Most agencies will get a 25% agency discount

We have cell phone numbers for about half of our e-mail inventory

Additional discounts when e-mail and phones are bought together. High volume discounts also apply.

A very experienced team of professional Democrats who want you to win

Test our names and let us prove empirically that we can make your fundraising more successful. As your trusted partner and collaborator we can help you master the new data-driven online campaign fundraising universe.


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Our Customers

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Majority Messaging has been created by experienced Democratic digital strategists and online organizers David Lytel and Roger Alan Stone.


David served in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy in the Clinton Administration, where he was the co-developer and the first managing editor of the ground-breaking White House Web site. In 1999 he co-founded Democrats.com, the first online community of Democratic activists, which provides e-mail list building services. In 2004 he founded a PAC called ReDefeat Bush that engaged volunteers in outreach to potential voters.

His writing has appeared in Campaigns and Elections, Upside, Red Herring, American Prospect, Baltimore Sun and the Washington Examiner. In addition, he has served as a member of the Ithaca City Council and has been a candidate for alternate delegate to the Democratic National Convention. David holds a Ph.D. and M.A. in political communication from Cornell University, a M.S. in organizational communication from Ithaca College and a B.A. with honors from Brown University. He worked at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government and taught at Georgetown University


Roger Alan Stone was a founder of Juno Advocacy Network (1998) and now runs Advocacy Data, Inc. (ADI). He is a political Internet innovator and entrepreneur who has pioneered many of the techniques used today. ADI was the first company in the political sphere to offer access to the complete national voter file. After working on seventeen elections in fourteen states, as well as on the Hill for two Representatives and a Senator, Roger went to Law School at Columbia University, clerked for the DC Court of Appeals and was an associate at James and Hoffman, specializing election law, non-profit organizations and unions. 

Realizing that Juno Online Services could be one of the first Internet companies with the ability to geo-target, he helped them generate grassroots emails to Congress. He founded the Juno Advocacy Network in 1998 and joined Juno as a Vice President. He pioneered techniques like using online petitions and surveys for list building and activist recruitment. Campaigns and Elections Magazine named Roger a Rising Star of American Politics. By 2002 there were many ways to reach voters and constituents online, so to better serve his clients, Roger founded Advocacy, Inc. to provided data, online advertising and consulting services. In 2010 he created Advocacy Data from out of Advocacy, Inc.

Advocacy Data pioneered matching voter files for email addresses, doing the first national match of the voter file in 2003. To this he overlays individual and household data and demographics that allows campaigns to precisely target. He was also the first to provide Members of Congress with email for official communication. The AAPC recognized Roger’s work on the first political online video advertising with a Pollie Award.

Meet Our Leadership

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Joanne Williams


Fred Buster

Director OPS

Lisa Hoffman​

Director HR

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